The best workout for busy women. Ever.

No more endless cardio! Each HiitGirl session delivers a full body workout in a fun and energising atmosphere, in just 30 minutes - equivalent to more than 2 hours of traditional exercise.



Welcome to the quick fix that sticks

Ever made a resolution to improve your fitness or diet, only to see it quickly fall by the wayside? Ever wondered why? We believe it’s because goals and resolutions aren’t the answer. We believe creating a habit that sticks without turning your life upside down is the secret. Say hello to 30girl.


The Challenge

For 30 days you commit to 12 Hiitgirl workouts plus one other activity (there’s a choice) to help you develop your thirty habit

The Reveal

We'll take some simple 'before' and 'after' benchmark measurements, but you'll need to wait until the end for your big reveal!

The Payoff

Give yourself a lovely treat to look forward to - a new outfit, some killer heels or a pamper session. They all work for us!


30girl is the ultimate reboot for body and brain. Perfect for when you want to get back into fitness, improve on your current level or when you absolutely, positively need to be at your best. Give it a try!

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