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No more endless cardio! Each HiitGirl session delivers a full body workout in a fun and energising atmosphere, in just 30 minutes - equivalent to more than 2 hours of traditional exercise.


6 Reasons Yoga should be in your fitness plans

More and more people are getting into Yoga nowadays, from the deeply spiritual aspect to tough power Yoga there's something to fit all types of people and personalities. At Hiitgirl we've stripped everything back to basics so that we can give you a 30 minute Yoga session which will focus solely on the physical benefits of this ancient practice. Not sure if Yoga is for you? Check out the 5 reasons we think it's the perfect complement for our kickass Hiitgirl workouts...

1. Active Recovery - Yoga is an effective and low impact way to move on your non-Hiitgirl days without compromising recovery. Much of the research proves that keeping the body moving and supple the day after a tough workout can really help with muscle recovery.

2. Increased Body Awareness - Flowing through poses while barefoot without a mirror to assist requires a great deal of control. Yoga requires you to listen to your body and sustain postures without visual aids and it's this that gets you back in touch with your body again. You start to feel instinctively where your head, feet and hands are in relation to each other which can help in all sorts of complex movement patterns, Hiitgirl movements in particular. Do Yoga and get better at Hiitgirl.

3. More Flexible - The exercise world seems to be divided up into those who do and those who don't - stretch, that is. No matter how often we're told we need to spend more time stretching our muscles, many of us continue to steer clear of the stretch. Improving your mobility and flexibility will increase your movement efficiency, greatly benefiting all your physical activities. Bottom line - Yoga is a fun and effective way to get bendy.

4. Better Breath Control - Yoga places significant emphasis on the breath. Just being aware of how you're breathing will deepen your awareness of your body. Yoga will encourage you to focus on deep, meaningful breath, kicking into gear your parasympathetic nervous system and leading you into a state of relaxation.

5. Get Stronger - Yep, you will get stronger. You might not think of yoga as something that can make you stronger, but it sneaks up on you like that. Yoga poses can wake up seldom used muscles and encourage muscle groups to work together. Our lovely Yoga Ambassador (Genny) made some handy benchmarks to gauge your level and track progress; but the most obvious way to see your strength improving is when the muscles stop shaking, and you stop falling over in certain poses! 

6. Mix it up - One of the best and most fun ways to improve fitness and avoid injury is variety, and Yoga is a perfect complement to your 'bread and butter' workouts. If you think you suck at stretching and are therefore hesitant to give it a go, you're missing the point. Every yoga newbie has limited flexibility. And everyone who sticks with it improves. Quickly

Ready to start?

If you want to test drive a few Yoga moves check out our Fitin5 video on YouTube.

Take it to the next level and join one of our Yogabomb or Jagati sessions. At just 30 minutes long, we can guarantee you get a great Yoga workout without spending hours on the mat. It doesn't matter if you've never done Yoga before, the most important thing is to give a go - we think you'll like it!