The best workout for busy women. Ever.

No more endless cardio! Each HiitGirl session delivers a full body workout in a fun and energising atmosphere, in just 30 minutes - equivalent to more than 2 hours of traditional exercise.


We love when you take it Personal.

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Our personal training sessions are perfect for those times when you're looking for some serious 'me' time. You decide a time that suits your schedule - then it's just you and your Trainer, with no distractions. If you put the effort in, we guarantee that you'll be amazed with the results you can get in such a short time.

go one to one when:

  • You’re new to exercise and want some personal attention before hitting the group sessions.
  • You’ve hit a fitness plateau and you need a concentrated boost to get you to the next level.
  • You’re in the public eye, and you need a discrete workout space, just for you.
  • There’s something big coming up and you need to be 'red-carpet ready'!

go Solo or try a Duo - bring a fitness pal or partner and share the cost.

For more info or to book your Taster session, simply call us on 0800 086 8848 or drop us a line using the form below and we'll be in touch.

Not sure which way to go? 

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