The best workout for busy women. Ever.

No more endless cardio! Each HiitGirl session delivers a full body workout in a fun and energising atmosphere, in just 30 minutes - equivalent to more than 2 hours of traditional exercise.


A few words from our Hiitgirls...

I love absolutely everything! The studio is gorgeous and It’s great to work out with a small team of like minded women. I think I might be a little bit addicted already....
— Rebecca T
The trainers are friendly, enthusiastic and helpful and know you by name. The format works very well for me and I get a great workout in a short space of time. It’s also good to work out with other regulars. The studios are great spaces to train in and the equipment is right up to date. The timetable is convenient as is the booking system. The workouts are very much part of my weekday routine and I can see myself continuing with this long term. Thanks again.
— Helene B
Felt like my trainer cared hugely about my experience and really tailored the session for my individual needs. Smart, airy but not too big studio with well kept equipment.
— Rachel M
The studio is perfectly laid out, it smells fresh and is bright without feeling exposed. The overall atmosphere is positive and inspiring. I am extremely picky and have joined a couple of very expensive and exclusive gyms in the past. I can honestly say Hiitgirl surpasses them simply because you get what exactly what you pay for, a healthy body and mind! No pure Egyptian towels needed, I’m a fan!
— Jackie O
Great team, and fantastic level of different classes. No matter how long you have been doing hiitgirl it’s always a challenge which is great!!
— Eleni L
Fantastic keep fit regime - quick, efficient and lovely trainers. It really works.
— Sally B
The classes are never the same and keep me motivated and challenged!
— Maeve R
The classes are really personal and the teachers make time for everyone. A million times better than a gym. And a really good atmosphere in the class. Not to mention the decor which makes the experience all the better!
— Nicole G
I love the fact that the sessions are 30 minutes. I can never find an excuse for 30 mins! I also really love the studio, music, variety in the exercises, it can be mentally challenging as well as physical. Also, it’s great to see the positive effect the sessions have already had on my fitness and strength.
— Steph D
Super friendly trainers who make you feel very welcome and not stupid when you do things wrong. The trainers give you a very personal experience where they really care about you. Great facilities which don’t feel like you’re at a horrible sweaty gym, but you’re still working hard. I love that everyone can go and feel comfortable no matter what their shape, size or ability.
— Emily O